There are lessons you never forget... 

There are teachers you fondly remember for years... But there are also skills that allow children to become better people and teachers that have a real positive impact on their future… Today, only children's parents will thank you for for this lesson. In the future, your students will do that too.

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Social and Emotional Learning 

Discover Photon SEL Kit - a new teaching method that will make children happy adults and REINTEGRATE them in post-pandemic classes.

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Help children understand their emotions

The social and emotional development is an integral part of the core curriculum in preschools and primary schools.

The activities and various exercises provided in the SEL Kit aim to teach children how to deal with difficult situations and improve their social skills, relationships within the family, and school.

Teachers conducting classes will equip children with essential skills to deal with aggression, stress, and negative emotions. Children will learn how to recognize their own and other people's feelings, how to make the right choices, improve team player skills, keep self-discipline, and respect each other.

50 activities ready to be introduced at any time

The SEL Kit activities were developed in cooperation with American and European experts in social-emotional skills development and are based on the leading methodology in this domain, i.e., Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL).

The proposed activities stimulate children's development in key areas, such as self-awareness, coping with various emotions, building relationships, social awareness, and responsible decision making.

The skills gained allow students to become better people and for teachers' to make a lasting impact on shaping their future.


Explore a new teaching method 

We all want the same thing for our children – to make them feel safe, happy and to be able to get through tough times. That is why we have created a teaching kit that supports the social and emotional development of children aged 6-11, focused on relationships and key emotions.

As usual, the Kit comes with the Photon Robot –  teaching assistant, already loved by children in 18 countries. It helps them improve their attention span and more effectively engage in classes.

New method 
+ Photon robot
+ CASEL methodology
+ educational resources
+ accessories

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Why post-pandemic social reintegration is so important?

The SEL Kit activities allow children to understand and deal with their emotions – including difficult ones, which is especially important as they reintegrate socially after the pandemic. Many children were passive during remote classes; our method will help them regain confidence, re-engage in the classroom, and be creative.


What's in the Kit:

      5 sets of dedicated flashcards:
Zasób 9 The Photon Robot (the EDU version) Zasób 4 Symbols used in our application (24 pcs.)
Zasób 8 A set of 50 lesson scenarios Zasób 2 Emotions and characters (25 pcs.)
Zasób 7 Educational mat (plain grid) Zasób 3 Objects and places (25 pcs.)
Zasób 6 Educational mat (storytelling) Zasób 5 Alphabet and numbers (24 pcs.)
Zasób 10 Educational cube Zasób 1-2 Situations, Attitudes, and Stress Management (18 pcs.)



Teacher's support at every step of the way

Along with the Kit and the Photon Robot you receive a whole range of valuable resources:

  • dedicated apps in English tailored to the knowledge level of teachers and the students;
  • vast database of free lesson plans on our dedicated portal for educators;
  • professional development opportunity through various training courses from Eduscape;
  • easy integration of the robot with teaching aids / equipment in your facility; 
  • technical support.